About iflin baby

“Thoughtful design meets versatility” perfectly describes iflin baby,
a thoughtfully designed and stylish product line for both moms and babies.
We know that iflin will become so essential to you,
you'll never want to leave home without it.

In the past…
before we have iflin baby

Baby muslin was a white plain cotton which was used from head to toe.  We like that it’s multi-function, but it doesn’t serve some tasks well.

For example, when using it
as a burp cloth, it falls off
your shoulder all the time,
and it doesn’t look nice,
it rather looks messy on your shoulder.

Moreover, it is too big to be a washcloth or a napkin to clean up your baby’s tiny face & mouth, but it’s obviously too small and too thin to be a blanket.

Our Idea...

We think that it must be great if baby muslin is specially designed to serve each purpose.

We would also like to elevate baby muslin to a whole new level by using a “silky soft” BAMBOO muslin, which is the finest and gentlest material carefully selected for your baby’s delicate skin. We bring out the best in our silky soft bamboo muslin,
which is made from premium quality yarn with special weaving to make it softer and more durable. After one touch, you will understand why.

Our bamboo muslin is a delight right out of the box, but it gets even softer and fluffier with every wash, making it something you will treasure for years.

Our idea came out
in 14 designs, which are

My Everyday Bamboo Burp & Nurse (2in1)
Patent no. 12112
Our one-of-a-kind burp cloth that doesn’t fall off your shoulder and can also be used as a full coverage nursing cover.  Its practical function and versatility make it an everyday essential for moms.

My Style Bamboo Burp & Bib (2in1)
Patent Pending
Our stylish burp cloth that doesn’t fall off your shoulder and can also be used as a baby bib and a baby shawl.  Burp clothes have never been this stylish, comfy and versatile.

My Cozy Bamboo Blanket (for Baby)
My Cozy Bamboo Blanket (for Toddlers & Kids)
My Cozy Bamboo Blanket (Single Duvet)

Our exceptionally soft & cuddly blanket that you and your little one will definitely fall in love with. My Cozy Bamboo Blanket, the softness beyond expectation.

My Favorite Bamboo Muslin:
Its ultimate in versatility, plus its feathery softness makes it a diaper bag essential.  It’s sure to be your favorite piece.

My Handy Bamboo Washcloth & Napkin:
Simply snap this handy napkin along with your bag/diaper bag/baby carrier, and it will do its job to clean up all kinds of little messes in no time.  My handy, my perfect take-along.

My Sweet Dreams Bamboo Sleeping Bag:
This multi-function sleeping bag will create a cozy sleeping space and environment, and hence encourage smoother and better sleep for your little baby.  It’s also portable, light and perfect for traveling.

My Trendy Bamboo Nursing Cape:
This nursing cape is specially designed for fashionable & stylish moms who want to look best even when breastfeeding or expressing breastmilk. You can say goodbye to the same old nursing cover!! 

My Adorable Bamboo Bib Set:
These little cuties are perfect accessories to any baby’s outfit and will surely put a stylish statement on your little one.  Dribbling & drooling with style with My Adorable Bamboo Bib Set.

My Comfy Bamboo Swaddle (with Hood)
Its silky soft touch will comfort and soothe your baby just like your cozy arms. It also comes with a hood to keep your baby's tiny head warm.

My Sweet Dreams Bamboo Pillow (for Baby)
A thin profile & ultra slim pillow, suitable for baby, comes with silky soft bamboo pillow cover.

My Sweet Dreams Pillow with Bamboo Pillow Case (for Toddlers)
My Sweet Dreams Bamboo Pillow Case (for Toddlers)

A 100% premium grade micro fiber pillow and a silky soft bamboo pillow case are so comfy, so cozy and so fluffy that your toddler will want to sleep with every night.

Let iflin put heart-melting
smiles on your baby’s face

…and on yours, too!!!